AICO Hollywood Swank Curio with Drawers in Pearl Caviar
  • AICO Hollywood Swank Curio with Drawers in Pearl Caviar

AICO Hollywood Swank Curio with Drawers in Pearl Caviar


AICO Hollywood Swank Curio with Drawers in Pearl Caviar


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AICO Hollywood Swank Curio with Drawers in Pearl Caviar

AICO Hollywood Swank Curio with Drawers in Pearl Caviar

AICO Hollywood Swank Curio with Drawers in Pearl Caviar


AICO Hollywood Swank Curio with Drawers in Pearl Caviar

Step out onto the red carpet in front of the flashbulbs of paparazzi cameras, and picture yourself in the glamour and drama that is the inspiration for the Hollywood Swank collection. Hollywood Swank brings the influence of movie premieres to life with mirrors, tufted leather accents, and mirrored panels available in two finishes including Platinum, and Polished Stainless, which allows you to choose the right color for every piece for your home. The quality and attention to detail is masterfully evidenced throughout the dining room, which features stingray vinyl wrapped pieces, unique drawer fronts, and a dining table that stands out with its smoked glass inserts. The four finishes of the collection are enhanced by the alligator vinyl wraps, which create an intriguing visual display. Each piece is carefully created and inspected to ensure the high standards of quality for which AICO is known.

Platinum colors and mixed media harmonize with each other, and are accented by polished hardware, that highlight the design, detail, and style that are synonymous with Michael Amini & Jane Seymour, A Design Collaboration. The collection beautifully connects form, with function, while drawing influence from Hollywood. Rich velvet lining ensures the protection of your fine delicates and personal treasures, and both English and French dovetail joints that create a durable drawer, add to the quality of this dining room that will enhance your room, while highlighting your style.



All wood drawer construction employs French dovetail fronts, and English dovetail backs, which are known for their strong resistance to being pulled apart, as a series of tails and pins join together to create a solid joint.

Plywood backs add uncompromising durability, and added support. Other companies may use inexpensive MDF, or particleboard backing on their cases, whereas we utilize a multi-layer plywood which is more expensive. The layers in this plywood are cross-bonded in the manufacturing process for added strength. Cross-bonding is a technique where the grain of each wood layer is applied perpendicular to each other. This creates four solid sides in our cases, which translates to an indescribably strong “no-flex” construction, ensuring the longevity of your furniture.

The finest high quality synthetic materials, which resist cracking, splitting, and warping, are used to accentuate our wood designs. Our durable synthetic materials take on all the characteristics, beauty, and luster of wood, so they never seem out of place within the collection.



AICO Touch Lighting System is a unique touch lighting feature that works by simply touching the AICO logo located on the piece. With three mood settings for convenient operation, the lighting system can be used in the way that best suits the room, and required visual style.

The curio features beveled glass, which creates a pleasing aesthetic that complements the details found throughout the collection, and provides for an unobstructed view of display contents.

A mirrored back panel within the curio provides a pleasing optical accent to display items as it reflects their style, while creating a distinct lighting effect when combined with the lights in the unit.

Two large glass doors are featured on the curio, allowing easy access to all areas of the unit to display all your collectables and possessions.

Each door can be opened with the large butterfly handle.

Two standard glass shelves with polished edges are included in every curio to properly display all collectables.

Metal shelf holders are included in every curio to ensure the stability of the glass shelves.

The base unit comes with either glass doors, or a mirror drawer front, which allows you to choose the style that best fits your room. The drawer front features four drawers with crystal pulls for optimal storage, whereas the glass front features a large storage area that is perfect for storing those larger items.



The glamorous, transitional style of the Hollywood Swank collection has been designed Precise attention to detail was demanded during the engineering and construction of each piece, to ensure the high quality that Michael Amini requires. Alligator Vinyl, mixed media, and four finish colors combine to create a laid-back feel within a transitional modern style that can only be found in Hollywood Swank. We recommend dusting the pieces regularly to enhance the natural shine of the furniture for years to come, as all collections from the Michael Amini & Jane Seymour, A Design Collaboration, are designed, and built for the ages.