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With over 30 years of distribution experience in the United States, Acme has made its presence well known in the furniture industry. Upon becoming one of the fastest growing furniture companies in the world, our goal is to provide our dealers with the widest selection possible, maintain a reliable inventory, offer the best price with the finest quality, and exceptional service. 

ACME started doing business in Los Angeles, California in 1985. Today they have five branches located in New York City, New Jersey, Atlanta, Miami, and Dallas. From the beginning they set out to provide their customers with service, value and quality. In their new 400,000 square foot fully racked warehouse in Los Angeles, they are able to stock most items and ship quickly. Over the years ACME has been working with factories in Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil and China to bring the finest, most reasonably priced products to their customers. Nothing is more important than quality, which is why ACME maintains its own quality control personnel in every country in which they do business. Every item must meet their exact standards. Nothing less will do.Acme would not be where it is today without your support and the dedication of our team members. As of today, we have over one million square feet of warehouse and showroom space across the United States, all stocked with a variety of inventory ready to ship. Our 2016 catalogue has an extensive collection of new products that we could not wait to share with you and the rest of the world. We have expanded our collection of modern and transitional furnishing to keep you ahead of the current trend. In addiction, we also added a list of drop ship items to acclimate to the buying habit of consumers today. 

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